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What is Better World Links?

    We are a non-profit website providing an easy-to-use, comprehensive internet directory of over 250,000 links giving quick and easy access to global current affairs topics and much more.

    All of this in just one dynamic & interactive platform with links suggested by people like you, for people like you!

    Look no further - avoid the internet jungle!


What do we offer?

    Over 250,000 well-organised links (internet addresses) in English and German on the following global topics:

    • Peace, Human Rights, Environment
    • One World, Social Justice, Sustainability
    • Conflict Regions, Military, Culture, Health
    • Women, Men, Youth, Education, Religion
    • Economics, Globalization, Politics, Media
    • And many more issues affecting our future


    • Better World Links is a unique resource and a powerful tool for people who want to make this place a better world ! - It is the leading website of its kind.
    • Up-to-date, balanced, hand-picked, free of charge and without advertising !
    • Unlike Google, Facebook, Twitter & Co we do not collect your private data for commercial purposes and targeted advertisements. You will also not find corporate media dominance, fake news, echo chambers, filter bubbles and hate speech.
    • A collection of links with an error rate of less than 2% ensured by regular checks.
    • An update takes place in real-time with every new link added by yourself.


Our Mission

    Better World Links aims to freely provide a broad and balanced blend of links across a vast variety of relevant topics, in order to help you make informed decisions and affect positive change in this world.

    This is provided through 250,000 (and counting) carefully selected links to global current affairs and many other related subjects.


Our Vision



    • Better World Links is a central hub for peace, human rights, the environment, one world issues, women, democracy and social movements worldwide, among others.
    • It is an ideal tool for everyone concerned with the issues listed above,
      allowing optimal use of the internet, thereby saving time and money.
    • It is an easy-to-use and comprehensive data base.
    • It provides access to important information that does not correspond to published opinion - in particular critical background information on current problems.


How can we help you?

    • Advance your project for a better world more effectively.
    • Inform yourself about important topics and share with interested parties.
    • Get suggestions from others and pass on your own ideas or experiences.
    • Investigate background information for a lecture, an essay or an article.
    • Make contacts, look for collaborators and establish alliances.
    • Ideal as an internet portal for young people, as well as schools, universities,
      and adult education centres.
    • Great resource for journalists, reporters and politicians, as well as
      for cross-references in articles and link collections.


Who uses Better World Links?

    • People who want to make a difference and have a positive effect on the world.
    • Ordinary citizens, parents and families, and in particular pupils and students.
    • Committed people, action groups, civil society groups and movements.
    • Organizations (NGOs) throughout the world, and in particular campaigners.
    • Journalists, reporters and editors.
    • Teachers, writers, artists and intellectuals.
    • Decision makers in politics, religion, science, education,
      the media, industry and the military.
    • People from all over the world, from every religion, crede, and ethnic group.


Our Goals


Our Principles 


How can you help us?




Our History

    Better World Links began as the German website 'Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World' in 1996.

    This unique collection of links to interesting articles and websites was the brainchild of socially-committed German citizen and physician, Norbert.

    The directory grew and grew from an initial 300 links to 250,000 today. In 2003 it was renamed 'Better World Links' and in 2007 the website was re-launched with a new and interactive design. Another full relaunch is planned in April 2019.

    Norbert's aim was and still very much is, to make an important contribution to the global internet community, providing access to pertinent information, so that our common vision for a better world can be realised. The site is constantly being expanded and updated with the help of a few volunteers.

„Medicine is a social science,
and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale.“
Rudolf Virchow (1848)



'Menschen-Friedens-Band um die Erde'

(a symbol used by but not a part of Better World Links)

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