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Want to Help Us?

This is what you can do:

  • Add links yourself. Help us improve Better World Links! - Recommend new links
    and inform us of those that no longer exist, or that we should delete (and why).
    Be sure to let us know if an internet page promotes violence or spreads lies.
  • Share your knowledge and know-how with others!
    This applies in particular to experts, journalists, scientists and NGO campaigners,
    who can help us with improvements.
  • Volunteer. Send us an email if you want to help us keep our links up-to-date.
    YOU can make a real difference to thousands of people, who also want
    to make this world a better place, with only a few hours per week.
  • In special circumstances we can offer to pay 100 to 500 Euros per month
    in the case of good cooperation, or perhaps costs for the internet flat-rate.

  • Translate. Help us to translate our "About us" text into Spanish, French, Russian
    or other languages. Create Better World Links in Spanish, French, Russian, etc.
    Email us to learn how.
  • Donate. This enables us to improve the quality of our links
    and conduct more effective publicity and marketing.

How to spread the word:
  • Recommend this site to your friends!
  • Use Twitter, Facebook SMS, or e-mail to tell your friends and other people about us.
  • Print our information leaflet and hang it on notice boards at your work
    or in your community.
  • Order business cards or download small flyers and help distribute them
    around your university, school, office, library and community.
  • Ask your organization, school, or university magazine to publish our information leaflet
    and to refer to www.betterworldlinks.org as a great resource for current affairs topics.
  • Consider writing about Better World Links on your blog or notifying your local newspaper or radio station and us.
  • Norbert's BookmarksAdd a link to Better World Links on your homepage or blog via our banner logo. Click here or on the logo and then save it as a JPG to download and link to our website.

  • Tell people about us. Personalities in public life - musicians, celebrities, sportsmen, politicians, writers, people from the media - YOU all can make an important contribution in helping to make Better World Links well-known and popular.

Your assistance and feedback, as well as suggestions
for improvements are always very welcome!
Write us an E-mail.