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Our Goals

  • To contribute information towards a better world.
  • To facilitate the networking of activists and the sharing of information.
  • To direct the attention of the world public towards both good ideas, organizations, actions and campaigns, as well as questionable or unacceptable state of affairs.
  • To bring together like-minded, committed people from all over the world, helping them overcome their isolation and start common local or international initiatives.
  • To help people to work towards global change and show them that they are not alone and can make a difference.
  • To encourage making contacts with decision makers, politicians, parties, journalists and the media.
  • To be a counterbalance for the general lack of awareness, as well as incorrect and non-information put out by the conventional media - in particular stories hushed up by the media.
  • To contribute to expanding horizons and forming democratic opinion, as well as to reducing ignorance, prejudice and enemy images.
  • To create counter-publicity to the lobbyists of commerce and the military around the world, as well as the propaganda machines of governments, industry and media tycoons.
  • To promote peace, disarmament, non-violence, human rights, development in the southern hemisphere, environmental protection, sustainable development, democracy, freedom of opinion and expression, social justice, truth, tolerance, benevolence, compassion, and joy of life, as well as positive thinking and action.
  • To protest against war, the mad desire to possess more arms and weapons of mass destruction, violence and terror, dictatorships, abuse of power, greed, exploitation, violation of human rights, environmental pollution, destruction of the foundations of life, wasting of tax-payers' money, brainwashing, inaction and resignation.



Humanism and Renaissance
Man penetrates his environment by means of his senses and his strength of intellect,
thus making new discoveries about the universe. (German woodcut 16th Century)