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Our Principles

Better World Links' objective is to provide the general public with the tool to be able to comprehensively inform themselves and make a positive contribution to a better world.

Our service is free of charge, free of advertising and accessible to everyone.

We aim to include only links which are:

  • up-to-date, informative and independent
  • balanced, honest and for the common good
  • violence-free, environment friendly and socially compatible
  • non-dogmatic and free of propaganda and lies
  • non-commercial or non-profit-making
  • not racist nor sexist
  • optimistic and encouraging
  • preferably free from advertising


  • We are not perfect! Therefore we are always grateful for constructive criticism and suggestions. Please: Contact Us.
  • We do not cover topics such as consumption, cars, travel, shopping, fun, sex, games and finances as they are covered by the large commercial providers.
  • We regard ourselves as a 'voice' for the poor, the weak, all minorities, and those seeking worldwide peace.
  • On the other hand, we endeavour to give the opposite side the opportunity to be heard, too. The big, mighty and rich people of this world do not need our assistance, however, because they have enough access to and control of the regular commercial media.
  • We have included some links, even though they are not recommended under the guidelines specified above. These are primarily websites of governments, political parties, the military and industrial companies, which are concerned primarily with maintaining power, getting more influence and/or material gain. Nevertheless, they are listed because we think that they are important or helpful, as they give a different point of view, and help the public to form their own opinion. Also to help initiate and encourage making contact with politicians and decision makers.