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Tried and tested quality with additional functions in a new look  - 
“Better World Links“ now has a completely new website at: www.betterworldlinks.org.

Franz Alt speaks of what is “probably the most comprehensive and important set of links on the web“. This refers to the largest collection of non-commercial Internet links on social and political themes.  

Better World Links are free of advertising and offer approx. 30,000 hand-picked English-language links on 20 main topics under the following headings:

General Info, Peace, Human Rights, Environment, Sustainability, Social Justice,
One World, Politics, Conflict Regions, Military, Economy, Globalization, Education,
Religions, Women, Men, Youth, Health, Culture, and News / Media.

  • An ideal tool for committed citizens, of great help in finding one’s way among the profusion of information on the Internet, in making optimum use of the resources available on the web and thus saving time.
  • A forum for the peace, human rights, environmental, Third World, women’s, democracy and social movements in all countries.  
  • A user-friendly and comprehensive database of relevant non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and information.
  • Access to important information other than the often one-sided opinions published in the mainstream media – in particular, critical background information about current issues.

Our motto is: “Well informed & connected”. And there is no quicker way of gaining an overview of interesting themes and finding out more about them. Long-winded Google searches and the time-consuming separation of useful from less useful links are unnecessary. We make no claim to exhaustiveness, but we do claim to provide an unparalleled range of non-commercial information on the Internet.

The link collection is broadly based and clearly laid out. The topic headings are frequently updated and are checked regularly for links that are no longer correct.

The home page is now easy to view at a glance and its design is both functional and attractive.

"Better World Links" was awarded the
Comenius Quality Seal several years ago and the site is currently visited by approx. 2000 users per day.

This is the first radical reorganisation of the website since the link collection was begun about ten years ago. Click on: www.betterworldlinks.org and take a look.

Press contact :  norbert@betterworldlinks.org

Click here :  
Press Release as PDF file