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What’s NEW?

The home page can be viewed at a glance. The topic headings on the right and left indicate the wide range of different information. The new website is more rational and functional than its predecessor.

The new database solution permits each topic to be easily brought up to date and new topics to be added in reaction to current events and developments.

Visitors to the website can directly and easily suggest new links and notify us of any inaccessible links. And people who are particularly interested, and especially experts and committed activists, can now easily help us develop and expand our collection.

If you are interested please let us know!

Here are all the new features at a glance:

  • Serious, professional design (less colourful)
  • Improved clarity (with less scrolling)
  • Greater flexibility and dynamism as a result of the database solution
  • Our own internal search function (topic headings come before individual links)
  • Direct involvement made even easier (and quicker): Anyone can make suggestions and will immediately see the preliminary result – “What you see  is what you get”
  • Opportunities for long-term collaboration as a moderator with authority to add and evaluate links
  • Clearer categorisation and extensive index of key words (A-Z)
  • Display of the number of links currently available under each topic
  • New links appear in bold grey letters for one week
  • Suggested links appear in italics for a short while. After checking they are released and the person who made the suggestion is informed.
  • Links already visited are shown in blue
  • Extinct links are automatically registered and removed
  • New independent main categories: Youth (previously under Social Justice), Globalization (previously under Economy) and Sustainability (previously under Environment)
  • Visitor counter with Top 10 Links and Top 10 Topics
  • The former parallel existence of German and English-language categories has been eschewed in favour of greater flexibility.